More About Our Landscaping Company

Regardless of the time of year, you know there is always something in your yard that needs to be done. From spring planting to winter preparation, caring for your yard is a full-time job. And our landscaper is here to give you the assistance you need.

Why Should You Choose Our Landscaping Company?

Whatever the season, you can rely on Lilla's Lawn and Landscape to provide you with solutions and services that will benefit your garden. We offer an array of plants, flowers, and other landscaping supplies for all of your residential and commercial landscaping projects.


As an experienced and dedicated landscaper in Helena, AL, we know that every yard is different, so we do not just give you one-size-fits-all advice. We will determine the soil conditions and where you will be planting, as well as how much sunlight the area will receive, and then tailor our recommendations accordingly. This process ensures you select flowers and plants that will have the greatest impact on your property’s look. And, because we buy our supplies from trustworthy suppliers, you can be confident that you will be receiving healthy, vibrant landscape supplies.

Are you looking for a dependable landscaping company in Helena, AL? Look no further! Lilla's Lawn and Landscape is here to meet and exceed your expectations! Just schedule your appointment at (205) 217-7373 today!


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