Fertilizer Tips From Your Trusted Lawn Service Expert


There are some other aspects you need to look after too if you want to have a wonderful lawn all throughout the season. Here are factors you might also want to consider from a reliable lawn service provider:



Fertilizing your lawn needs timing. Applying fertilizer too early or too soon will ruin the growth and health of your grass. Applying early attracts pest while applying too soon may result in a bald patch. Timing also depends on the type of grass growing on your lawn. If you’re unsure, let a professional lawn service provider do the job for you.



A lawn is as good as the condition of the fertilizer that is applied to it. Temperature can affect your fertilizer. For instance, placing it in a place where it is exposed to constant heat and UV rays may likely to change the properties of the fertilizer.

With all the knowledge you have right now about fertilizers, you’ll be able to grow a turf that is healthy and green. If you want to know more about fertilizers and fertilization, you can turn to an expert like Lilla's Lawn and Landscape in Helena, AL. Give us a call at (205) 217-7373 for details.


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